About Us


Hutch’s Property and Tree takes pride in being a bit different.

Yes, when it comes to tree removal the endgame is all the same… the tree is gone, nothing damaged, and we are judged on how neat the clean up is.  Hutch’s Property and Tree is different because of what happens before the saws even start.

I will take the time to talk with you about the possible solutions to a problem; where others may only see one answer – the tree gone and their employee’s wages and equipment loans paid for the week. The actual arborist with all the certifications will be the one completing the work, not just a salesman’s minions.  I can guarantee the highest quality of work.  If the job is large or specific equipment is required I will work with other highly qualified arborists to get the work done safely and efficiently.

With a background in forestry my time spent at UVM’s School of the Environment and Natural Resources encouraged me to be as green as a tree business could be; it benefits not only our environment but also local businesses and the community.  Our truck and chain saws utilize recycled waste vegetable oil from local restaurants as fuel and bar and chain lubrication.  Likewise we strive to reduce all wood waste from our system by turning it into mulch, compost, firewood, and high quality rough sawn boards and beams up to 32’ and in any dimension.

Tree climbing and the understanding of tree physiology have come along way in the past 20 years.  With it a better understanding of proper care and industry accepted techniques are available to those interested enough to care.  At Hutch’s Property and Tree, we care.  I can guarantee the highest quality of work and your trees better off upon completion.  Ask about how we are different from the “other guys.”