Specializing in:


  • DEP Certified shoreline erosion control projects utilizing stone or timber

    • Lake and river quality can be negatively impacted by water runoff and soil erosion.

    • Prevents loss of valued shoreline from runoff and annual ice damage.

    • Variety of materials available to match the native landscape.

    • Built to last & installed with care!

  • Custom milled / designed retaining walls & flower / garden beds

    • Easy to maintain (limited weeding, no need to edge, keeps roots moist and warm promoting vigorous growth).

    • Naturally rot-resistant hemlock 6×6 timbers will far outlast your typical 2×6″ pine beds.

    • Custom shapes, sizes, and tiered levels available – adds an intriguing focal point to your landscape or garden.

  • Holistic landscape design and implementation

    • Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

  • Driveway re-graveling


Here are a few examples of our work:


Lovell, ME: Kezar Lake bank stabilization (2014)

Lovell, ME: Kezar Lake bank stabilization (2014)

North Lovell, ME : Kezar Lake shore-line erosion control (2012)




Lovell, Maine : Custom shape tiered flower bed (2013 


Bridgton, ME : Hemlock retaining wall and steps with oak railing (2007)