How We Get Way Up That Tree

I specialize in spike-less climbing because the trees pruned are going to be healthier when I’m done… not wounded by spike holes. We will not spike (Gaff or Spur) up your precious trees unless they are going to be removed. Be weary of a climber that insists on using spikes or gaffs as these undoubtedly injure the tree that they are working to make safer and healthier.



Often urban foresters are all too quick to tell you a beautiful tree “needs to be removed” in the interest of paying employee wages, salespeople and equipment loans. If it is practical to keep your trees while reducing the risk they pose to you and your property, we will explore options such as pruning to lighten the canopy of trees, removing dead limbs and cabling and/or bracing trees to decrease their chances of falling.


Economic Sustainability

I have chosen to operate with less overhead (minimal staff) than the other companies, hence I will not send a salesman out to give you an estimate, rather, I will consult with you myself. This will result in cost savings to you. You will be treated honestly. When you are happy with my work, you will tell your friends. If the job is big, I will work with other highly qualified arborists to finish in a timely manner and still save you money because of my low overhead.



For our safety and that of you, your guests and pets, we embrace strict safe work standards provided by OSHA and ANSI. I also carry full liability insurance.