All wood products removed will be locally recycled into rough sawn lumber, firewood, or mulch.

We follow and are knowledgeable in guidelines set out for shoreline zoning and erosion control. Trees and all vegetation are extremely important in not only providing us with oxygen, beauty, and shade. But also keeping our rivers, streams, and lakes clean.

While it is imperative we utilize gasoline to run our chainsaws, many of our cuts are completed with hand tools when possible.  But we have done our best to remove petroleum dependence where we can.

We use local vegetable oil or biodegradable bar and chain lubrication. As much as a liter a day of bar oil will now biodegrade into your lawn or garden in 3 weeks versus store-bought petroleum based bar oil that lasts forever.  The saw chips left from our saws are now good for your lawn, garden, and trees.